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Industrial cleaning

Calamity abatement

Storm Cleaning service is the right partner when it comes to calamity abatement. We have a lot of knowledge and years of experience in this area. You can reach us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make your calamity our concern. Whether this involves small or large leaks of various environmentally harmful liquids or storm, fire and water damage, we ensure that your problem will be solved carefully where the environment is priority number one.

Fire cleaning

Cleaning after a fire is one of our specialties. The first few hours after the fire are extra important and we offer help and support. In collaboration with our partners we are able to respond quickly and effectively and to act.

We give you free advice on the cleaning of you burnt, valuable and repairable parts.

Catalyst cleaning

To clean your catalyst, we have a specialised team of highly qualified employees are ready for you. This team has gained knowledge over many years of experience, which you can count on as a client. Our team has the ability to use our fully equipped truck which is equipped with all necessary equipement for cleaning and maintaining your catalyst and thus extending the lifespan. Before starting the work, the temperature of the blocks are dropped until at least 50c, and then the lid will be removed, then the seepage mats are removed and placed directly into plastic bags. The catalyst blocks are blown clean after which immediately the entire unit is vacuumed and cleaned up. If all waste is removed and the unit is clean the blocks and cover will be reassembled.

Emergency cooler cleaning

We have a team ready to professionally clean your emergency cooler. This is done through the disassembly of the fans after disconnection from the present work switch, after which the plates are rinsed with water and are subsequently injected with foam airfin using a foam lance. After the penetration of the airfin Foam which will be visible at the bottom of the plates it will take approximately 15 minutes for the dirt / effervescence to soak off. After the above-mentioned foam operation, the plates are rinsed with more water to remove the foam and loosened dirt. We have our own capacity of 1000 liters water on location. The dirty water is collected and discharged by us.

Feel free to contact us about cleaning your emergency cooler.

High Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure cleaning is used more and more the last decades, as a highly effective and water-saving cleaning method. The scope is very wide, from home, garden and kitchen cleaning to industrial cleaning. With our industrial pressure washer we have proven our added values in multiple situations, you can think of fa├žade cleaning, big industrial cleaning and graffiti removal. Because we have a fully equipped truck we can always offer a suitable solution.

We would love to give you free advice about this cleaning method.