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Our story

We are Storm.

You see us in the early morning, the small hours and at the craziest moments. In rough, dirty locations and hard-to-reach places. Industrial cleaning, logistics, waste processing or recycling? No time or question is too crazy. In fact, we’re going hard on the unexpected.

  • 01 Where we don't say much, we do all the more. We are the hands you need, the dirty work fixers and the not-too-bad trouble-solver. Just work hard. We get energy from that.
  • 02 We go a step faster, better and faster. We arrange what needs to be done. That way you can do your job. Whether it concerns an emergency or a specialist question, we are an extension of you. Call Storm!
  • 03 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we do what you yourself cannot or do not want. With a team of people who are motivated to the bone. Guests that we confidently send your way.